5 Best Places For A Home In North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

5 Best Places For A Home In North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Choosing the ideal place for your home is in difficult when it comes to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Geographically, this is one of the most beautiful places in this part of the world where you can live. In addition to that, Toronto is an amazing city, comprised of diverse areas. Moreover, <a href=”https://www.northyorkcondolife.ca”>North York Condos</a> are amount the best place where you can live in Toronto, with a relatively small population of 655,913 people, according to research from 2011. If you would like to choose the best place for your real estate in North York, check out these five areas.


1.The Bridle Path

The Bridle Path is an amazing area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This particular residential neighborhood in North York is characterized by luxurious mansions and lots that are between 8000 and 16,000 m². Often times, and this part of North York is also referred to as Millionaires’ Row. The term The Bridle Path is actually the name of a road in the area, but it is used to refer to the entire neighborhood. An interesting fact is that the street’s name is also frequently misspelled as The Bridal Path, usually by the people who are not familiar with the history of the area. The actual name was given after an elaborate system of equestrian bridle paths, as the majority of people back then were horse-owners.

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2.Hoggs Hollow

Hoggs Hollow is another amazing part of Toronto, where are you can buy a real estate if you’re really lucky. In addition to that, it also has an amazing geographical position, being located in the Don River Valley and centred on the intersection of two of the most important streets in this part of Ontario. The neighborhood was named after Joseph Hogg, a Scotsman who settled in the area in 1824 and operated a whiskey distillery and a grist mill, back in the day.


3.York Mills

This neighbourhood in Toronto is centred around Yonge Street and York Mills Road. Actually, it encompasses the fourth and seventh most affluent postal codes in Canada. It’s also recognised as a millionaires’ mile, and it is one of the most famous in areas of Toronto.


Willowdale is an area of Toronto that is best known by the neo-eclectic structures that have replaced the original ranch style bungalows that were demolished. In my personal opinion this is the best place in Toronto where you can buy real estate, since you can choose from so many amazing homes. In addition to that, it’s really a good neighborhood, with amazing architecture, and you can build a happy life in this encouraging and healthy community.


5.Bayview Village

Another very popular part of Toronto is definitely Bayview Village. It is a part of federal Don Valley North riding and the Willowdale district. This is also an amazing part of Toronto, if you are looking at opportunities to buy a real estate or a place for your home. The majority of people simply love the fact that you can have the best of both worlds – living in the countryside next to urban, metropolitan Toronto.


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